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Lucky Pony Project

Lucky Pony Project






    Good Luck Ponies are a special gift that allows you to wish your rider good luck in their post season rides. 

    At the same time you can help support special programs at IEA.  10% of each purchase will be returned to IEA to support special programs.

    The first option is an adorable pony. However, if you wish to purchase multiple stuffed animals for multiple post-season competitions, you can also choose from a bunny, fox, lamb, donkey, unicorn, tiger, or goat. So much cuteness!

    The stuffed animals are super cute plush animals that stand about 13-15 inches tall.  There is a zipper bottom where the stuffing can be removed and the animal can be washed.  

    IEA Lucky Ponies will be available from now through IEA National Finals and will be shipped directly to the buyer with a tag to include a personal message. You can even include the option to add your rider's name! Limited to 12 charactors. (This option is only available for PRE-ORDERS purchased online.)


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